3 Keys To Financial Success For The Female Entrepreneur

If you interested in supporting women to be successful in starting and running companies, or if you ARE a female entrepreneur, and you haven’t heard of Women 2.0, you should check them out! Straight from their website:
Women 2.0 is a global network and social platform for influencers that drive trends and decisions — as startup founders and as consumers.

Mission: Inform, inspire and educate a new generation of females that are entrepreneurial and successful.

Pretty great, right?

Here is a link to the article I recently published there, 3 Keys To Success for The Female Entrepreneur.

…and a brief summary to get you interested:

  1. View your financial future as the primary business you’re running. This is an amazing mindset shift! The new thoughts you’ll have and actions you’ll take will completely alter your future for the better.
  2. Don’t hope for a better future – make a plan, and execute! To do this, you need to understand which camp you fall into when it comes to your natural mindset around investing.
  3. Integrate your personal financial plan and your plan for the company you’re running. Start with the end in mind!

Go ahead, check out the article itself.

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